Rent reviews and lease renewals

Achieving the best outcome and understanding our client’s needs are at the heart of our negotiations

Property occupation is governed by a combination of the contractual terms in the lease and the surrounding legislative framework – our extensive knowledge of these factors and current case law equips us to make sure our clients are receiving the maximum benefit from their property assets and interests.

Key areas of our work involve rent reviews and lease renewals, advising on the timing to the implementation of notices and progressing negotiations. Our four leading sector specialist Partners provide over eighty years of landlord and tenant knowledge and experience acting as Expert Witnesses through the third party rent review and Court lease renewal process.

Our expertise covers the core office, industrial and retail sectors with further experience in niche markets such as department stores, banking halls, cinemas, restaurants, drive thru/to’s, retail warehouses, car dealerships, distribution warehouses, trade counters, diplomatic embassies and D1 educational uses within Central London and throughout the U.K.

If you would like to talk to us about how we can help you with rent reviews and lease renewals please do give Richard Gaherty a call.


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