Contract farming and joint ventures

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Working with others to save you time and money.

Contract farming and joint ventures have become increasingly popular in recent years, enabling landowners to retain control of their farms while pooling resources and reducing their investment of time and money. There can also be tax advantages to entering into these relationships.

Contract farming

We have been establishing and managing contract farming agreements for more than twenty years and can tailor them to suit the needs of the individual farm. For example, you can remain involved in decisions such as cropping or varietal choice while leaving the day-to-day running of the farm to your chosen contractor. You can also adjust annually the amount of land you put in and profit you take out.

Joint ventures

By sharing resources with other farming businesses whether land or machinery or expertise you can minimise the level of capital investment and also benefit significantly from economies of scale. We can advise you on negotiating a joint venture that will extract the maximum mutual benefit for you and your partners.

For more information on contract farming or joint ventures, get in touch with us using this form or contact one of our farming experts directly.


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