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Agricultural Land Classification

Q1 2018

At Strutt & Parker, we have a number of agricultural consultants who are fully trained with the British Society of Soil Science and are able to deliver in-depth soil assessments and Agricultural Land Classification (ALC) Surveys strictly in accordance with the criteria set out under official government guidelines.

Helen Gosling

Farming Consultant, Farming & Land Management

+44 (0) 771 293 3934
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These surveys will support many different applications, one of which is specifically designed to assist with the planning and development process.

The ALC Survey Process

1.Firstly, a detailed soil assessment is required with soil samples taken using both the auger survey method and soil pits with a typical sample density of 1 per hectare.

2.The land is then classified by grade according to the extent of its limitations on agricultural use for food production:

  • Climate
  • Gradient
  • Soil depth
  • Wetness
  • Droughtiness
  • Stoniness

3.Next, an ALC map is produced which delineates areas with the same degree of limitation.

The ALC Survey Report

A comprehensive report will be written, to include:

  • Site background and survey methodology
  • Site limiting factors
  • Description of soil and reasons for grading
  • Full auger boring and soil pit schedule
  • Relevant lab sample results

A typical Agricultural Land Classification Map


Click here to view the full Agricultural Land Classification document as a PDF.

For more information, contact Helen, or a member of your local Strutt & Parker Farming team.