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Protecting Scotland’s future: The Government Programme for Scotland 2019-20

Q4 2019

The programme, announced on the 3rd September, sets out the Scottish Government’s plans to make Scotland a more successful country, with opportunities and increased wellbeing for all.

Mary Munro

Senior Associate Director

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There are a number of themes across the publication which affect urban and rural communities alike,revolving around wellbeing and safeguarding for the future. There is a distinct focus on rural and regional economies, recognising the contribution they make to the Scottish economy as well as other focuses on green energy, infrastructure and supporting economic development. The Scottish Government have made a commitment to continue current support until 2024, however beyond this it is less clear.

Although there are a number of new schemes mentioned, all of which aim to support the Scottish people, thereis no comment on how existing support across specific regions of the country will be continued, and if target recipients will remain the same. The paper introduces a number of ideas however does not disclose many specific details of schemes which are to be implemented meaning it is hard to fully decipher what the full effect of the programme will be.

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