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What happens if the UK leaves the EU with no deal? | January 2019

Q1 2019

The Government has published a series of technical notes on what could happen to a variety of sectors, processes and procedures if the UK leaves the EU with no deal. This is a brief summary of the notices relevant to land and farming businesses.

There is more detail on the Government website and it is strongly advised that businesses take professional advice if they think they will be significantly affected if there is no deal. The technical notes were published in four batches on 23 August 2018, 13 September 2018, 24 September 2018 and 12 October 2018.

A ‘no deal’ scenario is one where the UK leaves the EU and becomes a third country at 11pm GMT on 29 March 2019 without a Withdrawal Agreement and framework for a future relationship in place between the UK and the EU. In a ‘no deal’ scenario there would therefore be no agreement to apply any of the elements of the Withdrawal Agreement. The EU intends to treat the UK as a third country for all purposes, including applying regulations and tariffs, customs controls and sanitary standards at borders.

The Government says that it is unclear what mitigation measures the EU might choose to adopt, if any, to maintain stability for a temporary period.