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Basic Payment Facts 2017 | England

Q1 2017

Our Prime Minister has just served Article 50, formally triggering the UK’s exit from the EU. Regardless of how the next two years of negotiations pan out it is clear that our farming and food industries – perhaps more than any others – will need to adapt if they are to thrive after Brexit in 2019.

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It is too early to predict how DEFRA will choose to support farming and food once we leave the constraints of the CAP, but we believe that DEFRA, and perhaps more importantly the Treasury, are aware of the sector’s vital importance to the economy and to society as whole, and so we fully expect support for farmers to remain in some form. Of equal or even greater importance is the changes to our trading relationship, with the EU and the rest of the world. Our Farming Department will continue to work closely with our Research Team to predict and interpret the huge number of changes that we will see, to ensure that our clients remain the best advised farmers and landowners in the country.

However, we must not lose sight of the short term, and we still have three years of Basic Payment Scheme applications to make before Brexit. Our latest Basic Payment Facts is designed to fit into your pocket so that you can keep it with you and pull it out when needed, to check vital details when completing your claim, calculating Greening areas, or Cross Compliance dates throughout the year. I hope you find it useful.

You can download the guide here, or request a printed copy to be delivered to you using the link to the right.