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As one of the most respected property consultants in the business we advise our clients on all aspects of property law.

Whether you are buying, selling, letting or managing property we can advise on the legal aspects. All our surveyors are very skilled and knowledgeable about property law.  We also work with our clients' own legal advisors.

We have an intimate understanding of farm business tenancies under the Agricultural Tenancies Act 1995 and secure agricultural tenancies under the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986.  Licences and herbage agreements also feature in the work we do in this area.

Many of our clients have commercial properties in rural areas and we can advise on buying and selling as well as leases under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954. We are familiar with dealing with licences and 'tenancies at will' (which occur when there is no lease, usually either because there was insufficient time to negotiate one before a tenant moved in or because a fixed term lease has come to an end and there is no further lease in place).

A large proportion of our work in the Land Management Department concerns residential tenancies. The landlord and tenant relationship, particularly on an estate is one which needs to be handled with sensitivity and tact, and we are proud to have been involved in some very long tenancies all over the UK. A large number of the residential tenancies we negotiate and manage for our clients are Assured Shorthold or Assured tenancies. For agricultural tenancies we have broad experience working within the Assured Agricultural Occupancies, Rent Act 1977 and the Agricultural Rent Act 1976.

Schedules of condition, the Tenants Deposit Scheme, and landlord and tenant issues arising during tenancies and at their end, including enforcing possession and dilapidation claims, are dealt with efficiently by our experienced teams.

Virtually all aspects of property law are different, and always have been, in Scotland, and this aspect of the law is fully devolved to the Scottish Parliament. Our land managers north of the border are extremely experienced and adept in all aspects of property law, illustrated by the fact that it is Andrew Hamilton, partner in charge of our Inverness office, who represents the RICS in the committee rooms of the Scottish Parliament.

If you have a legal problem relating to property, we are confident we can help. Contact us using this form or get in touch directly with one of our experts on property law.


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