Unacceptable and Unreasonable Behaviour

Strutt & Parker aims to provide the highest standard of client and customer care.

We aim always to act professionally/ethically with our clients and consumers or customers and we would expect the same behaviour from our customers. The BNPP Code Of Conduct can be found here.

Although we understand that in rare instances, clients and consumers may be unhappy with information we have provided or with the decisions we have made on behalf of, and with instruction from, our clients, it is unacceptable to be aggressive or abusive when contacting our staff. Examples of this are:

· inflammatory language;

· contacting our staff, by any channel, with verbal or written abuse;

· rude, obscene or insulting remarks;

· any threat of violence.

Examples of unreasonable behaviour include:

· insisting that we respond or act in an unreasonably short time;

· refusal to accept explanations of what we can or cannot do;

· refusal to abide by the terms of any agreement with Strutt & Parker or their clients.

Excessive levels of contact also affect our ability to do our job. Examples include:

· repeated telephone calls or emails, after we have explained when you can expect a response or answered the points raised;

· repeated service complaints which raise the same points which have already been dealt with.

If we consider a person's behaviour to be unreasonable, we will tell them why and politely ask them to change it. In serious cases, if the behaviour persists, we reserve the right to cease all contact