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Take 5… Homes with aspirational features

Moor Hatches MAIN EXT - resized

Whether it’s a Georgian farmhouse, a medieval manor, or a Victorian rectory, for most of us the charm of a period property is hard to resist. However, it’s not the architecture alone that has us falling love, it’s the features that come with them. Home offices, large kitchens, and plenty of bedrooms often fall into the ‘must-have’ list – but what about the more aspirational?

In our latest blog, we revealed the results of our latest Housing Futures survey that put swimming pools the most desired garden feature for house buyers choosing their next home. We can’t say that we are surprised. Pools have always been enduringly popular since swimming was made a recreational activity by the ancient Greeks. Now, there are few things you can call more luxurious than having your very own pool in the grounds of your home.

Swimming pools aside, walled gardens also ranked highly. Perhaps because they epitomise the English country home. Historically, they were always the domain of the aristocracy. Their high walls would create microclimates to be able to grow vegetables all year round for the household, as well as house rare plants collected on their travels. Now, they have been given a new purpose of entertainment rather than productivity. You will usually see them full of cut flower beds, roses and even vegetable patches. 

If you, like us, are dreaming of having your very own swimming pool or walled garden, we’ve picked five properties with these features already in place:

East Donyland Hall

Rowhedge, Colchester, Essex

The gardens at this beautiful, moated house have kept their historical purpose. You’ll find an excellent vegetable selection in the well-organised walled garden.

Fingringhoe Road | Strutt & Parker (

Moor Hatches

West Amesbury, Salisbury, Wiltshire

Walled gardens are usually the warmest, most sheltered part of the garden so can be an excellent place to repurpose as a swimming pool. Moor Hatches has done just this – you’ll find it in the centre of the impressive two-level walled garden and – rather impressively - its marbelite lining has been painted to reflect the sky.

West Amesbury | Strutt & Parker (

Boxley Abbey

Sandling, Maidstone, Kent

Boxley Abbey was once a Cistercian monastery, founded in 1146 and dissolved in 1537, and has some of the most beautfiully historic walled gardens we have seen. The walls themselves were established from the ruins of the abbey cloisters and buildings, including a Victorian water garden in the nave of the church.

Sandling | Strutt & Parker (

Great Tangley Manor

Great Tangley, Wornesh, Guildford

The walled garden at Great Tangley Manor epitomise the romanitc English country garden with gloriously full borders, rich in texture and colour.

Great Tangley | Strutt & Parker (

Lighthouse View

Prosper Hill, Gwithian, Cornwall

If you’d rather opt for a new build, nestled in the Cornish coast you’ll find Lighthouse View. Its grounds have a Mediterranean feel, complete with a beautiful southwest facing sun terrace and a swimming pool.

Prosper Hill | Strutt & Parker (

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