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An Easter of DIY home improvements for Brits

Q2 2013

A poll has revealed that many Brits planned in some DIY home improvements over the Easter holiday.

A poll has revealed that many Brits planned in some DIY home improvements over the Easter holiday.

With the chilly UK weather not exactly conducive to days out, many Brits decided to take the chance to do some home improvements over the Easter break.

A poll by Nationwide in the run-up to Easter revealed almost half of the population was planning to do some kind of DIY over the holidays. Those jobs range from quick fixes to large-scale residential property renovation projects.

Over half said they intended to do some painting and decorating, which was revealed to be the most popular of all the Easter DIY tasks.

More than a third said they were hoping to brave the unseasonal weather and venture out into the garden, whether to do a spot of landscaping, erect fencing or lay a lawn or patio.

Ed Church, Head of the South East Region of Strutt & Parker, agrees that he sees this action quite often over Easter. "This period has become a very traditional time to address any home DIY which is needed in people's homes. We often get calls from soon to be sellers asking what projects will add most value and are most recommended. The garden is always a good area to tackle, we suggest, as first impressions are so important, especially in a tougher market, and having some lovely welcoming flowers or tidy lawns can make the difference."

Almost one in 10 are planning to lay flooring, while the same proportion said they would be putting up a shed or outhouse.

The chilly weather might well have prompted some thoughts about energy efficiency among the nation's homeowners in recent weeks and the survey suggested 4% were all set to add insulation to their homes over Easter.

A fair proportion of people appear to have taken the chance over Easter to complete bigger home improvements too, with 12% saying they intended to fit a new bathroom or at least modernise it to some degree.

One in 10 people (10%) revealed that they would be fitting a new kitchen or at least replacing parts of it, while 7% planned to take a look at their plumbing - perhaps again reflecting the high priority of energy efficiency at the present time.

Church added: "Whilst we encourage any would be sellers to take on DIY to help spruce up their home, we always warn to do the research first and check you know what you are getting yourself in for. DIY disasters can cost more to fix than having the work done by a professional in the first place. The worst DIY disasters are usually amateur efforts such as fake fireplaces, particularly brick or stone effect. Cheap laminate floor that doesn't reach the skirting board and creaks when you walk across it is best to avoid at all costs!

"Badly painted windows, where there is half a tin of paint on the grass is also a big no-no. It's always better to pay someone else, rather than attempt something that you're not skilled at. Tradesmen are there for a reason!"