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The county of Buckinghamshire is home to an array of charming towns of traditional design throughout its beautiful natural landscape.

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Picturesque, friendly and peaceful - these are a few words to describe the beautiful Buckinghamshire landscape warranted by its title as the most filmed county in England. Whilst it has provided cinematic backdrops for the likes of Midsomer Murders, a very real community and attainable beauty lies here. Its allure materialises in the combination of traditional housing, lavish gardens and green spaces peppered throughout.

It has incredibly natural surroundings being home to several National Trust parks, the most in one county in fact, making the area a desirable spot for commuters into London. The area is almost directly connected to the North West of London and acts as the capital’s more quaint and natural neighbour.

A sociable heart lies at the roots of the Buckinghamshire dynamic which is still prevalent today. Buckingham established itself as a market town back in the Middle Ages which used to see many customers and trade flock to its stalls, even Henry VIII’s first Queen Catherine of Aragon took up residence at Castle House in 1514. its Middle Age influence still stands today in its traditional constructs being especially apparently in the old part of Aylesbury.

Things to do in Buckinghamshire

Natural space, history and social communities dominate Buckinghamshire, meaning there are a whole host of activities to get involved in.

Nature and the outdoors

There are a huge number of parks and sites owned by the National Trust in Buckinghamshire which make for perfect days out with the family. You can take a stroll through Stowe Gardens which is one of the largest landscape gardens in the country. Designed by Capability Brown, this location is peppered with architectural delights in the form of monuments and beautifully crafted structures in amongst leafy gardens and woodlands.

Elsewhere, there is the historical West Wycombe Park hall which is situated near the Chilterns countryside providing stunning vistas; additionally, the gardens of Stowe are littered with architectural delights throughout its green space. A range of outdoor activities are situated in the Buckinghamshire outdoors, such as Go Ape which is situated in two locations allowing you to climb high and soar through Black Park Country Park or the Wendover Woods treetops.

The arts & culture

The landscape inspires many visitors but has also informed some classic storytelling, most notably the works of Roald Dahl who called Buckinghamshire home during his most prosperous time. The Roald Dahl Museum situated in the town of Great Missenden is dedicated to his memory and stories, it provides kids and adults alike with interactive galleries and props involved in his tales. Dahl’s influence is an integral part of the county’s identity and is testament to Buckinghamshire’s inspiring landscapes.

A whole range of cultural and interactive activities are peppered throughout the county. Aylesbury Waterside Theatre plays host to a number of theatre performances, comedians and music events. Elsewhere, the towns of Buckingham and Milton Keynes hosts local and international artists which take to the fields to perform.

Why We Love Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire is well situated for many attractions retaining a scope of natural landscapes with close and interconnected links to London and the rest of the UK.

Pubs & Restaurants

Buckinghamshire’s social roots are an incredibly significant part of its identity which mainly sprouts from the county’s Geography being London’s closest neighbour. Acting as a stop-off point between the capital and the rest of England, many of the towns prospered on a trade and business level from travellers and traders meaning pubs and social affairs are an integral part to the Buckinghamshire communities.

There are an incredible amount of traditional country pubs which pair nicely with the wide green spaces, many of which accommodate to families and brim with personality. This is especially relevant to the more unique settings such as The Red Lion in Little Missenden bustling with lovely wooden interiors and a rickety bridge arching over the River Misbourne out back.


Many of the main towns throughout Buckinghamshire hold an old and modern identity with much of its history rooted in Saxon and Ancient times. Traces of civilisation run right back to BC in some instances making the environment rich with an intriguing past. As well as ancient history, more recent history occurred in Bletchley Park, eye-catching for its beauty but forever remembered for the role the area played in World War II. The heroic actions of mathematical genius Alan Turing, who was based at Bletchley, assisted in cracking the German ‘Enigma Code’ helping Britain win the war. The site is still present today but built to replicate the war time so visitors can walk through history and experience the secret intelligence operations of the workers.

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Key villages & towns in Buckinghamshire

Schools in the area

Many schools are scattered around the healthy selection of towns throughout Buckinghamshire providing high-quality education.

There are plenty of schools in the area from primary, secondary to further education which mainly circles in or around the main towns. Buckinghamshire is one of the only counties operating with a 12+ grammar school system, Aylesbury is well inhabited by such schools with Aylesbury Grammar and Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School sitting among them. Elsewhere there is Stowe School, a popular choice in the Buckinghamshire area for its excellent facilities and the fact it is considered one of the most beautiful schools in the country.

Additionally, there are plenty of academies, infant and preparatory schools dotted across the county. High Wycombe is another popular area for education where several schools rated as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted operate including Wycombe Abbey School, Wycombe High School and Royal Grammar School. The Chiltern Hills Academy prides itself on its brand new facilities and the resources to guide students from Key Stage 3 all the way up to University preparation.

The town of Buckingham even has its own University, it is independently owned and boasts glorious campuses. Having only been in existence as a University since 2007 the establishment is up-to-date with incredible amenities and new buildings for high-quality education.

For more detailed information on Buckinghamshire’s schools, head to https://www.goodschoolsguide.co.uk/

Transport links

By train

There is a great access to National Rail services throughout Buckinghamshire, as well as the Chiltern Railway which runs through Gerrard’s Cross and Beaconsfield from London Marylebone to Birmingham along the West side of the county. The East side is covered by a train running from Birmingham to London Euston stopping off at Milton Keynes on the way. This ease of access is incredibly attractive to commuters in London or Birmingham. There are many paths out to the West Country as well as Underground links into London via the Metropolitan Line in the most Southern parts.

By train

The M1 outlines the East side of Buckinghamshire whilst the M40 runs along the West side. There are greatly interconnected A-roads which meet in the centre of Aylesbury and lead to the main motorways including the M25 granting easy access to London.