Rutland and South Leicestershire

Area guide

Rutland and South Leicestershire is home to a comfortable, relaxed pace of life in the company of beautiful countryside surroundings.

The Rutland & South Leicestershire area is a particularly popular spot for commuters being well-located for the UK’s major cities, as well as being an idyllic, beautiful place to call home. Rutland is England’s smallest county but it sure has a whole lot to give! There are a sparse array of traditional market towns including Oakham and Uppingham which are packed full of charm and a warm community spirit.

Rutland offers a seldom experienced taste of traditional England; this is an identity treasured by the local communities. Rutland, previously known as Rutlandshire or the ‘Soke of Rutland’, sits proudly beside Leicestershire as one of the most enticing and charming counties in rural England. There are several opposing stories addressing the source of the county’s name, some say that a landowner named Rota inspired the name, whereas another version of the tale claims it stemmed from the distinct red colour of the soil found in the area.

A sprightly variation of attractions and museums operate in the area with a calendar packed full of festivals, culture and art events which occur throughout the year. These events honour art, agriculture, history as well as food and drink – it’s hard not to see the appeal of the area with such vibrant events on offer in such beautifully rural environments! Read on to find out more about the South Leicestershire & Rutland area in this guide which includes information on key towns, schooling, transport and activities to get stuck into

Things to do in Rutland & South Leicestershire

There is a wide array of leisure areas and historical points of interest throughout the county which highlights the county's close connection with culture and history.

Leisure & History

There are a wide array of leisure areas and historical points of interest throughout the county. Rutland Water Park is situated in the epicentre of a 4200 acre countryside offering a variety of leisure activities and wildlife attractions for all ages. The area allows visitors to see the wildlife roam freely in their natural habitat. There are also a plethora of watersports available to visitors at the reservoir, whether you’re looking to sail, fish or windsurf, Rutland Water Park has it!

Elsewhere, for a dose of history, visitors can visit Lyddington Bede House which is set in a beautiful ironstone village and is listed as a Grade I ancient monument. The house originally operated as the wing of a palace in medieval times which was owned by the Bishops of Lincoln before becoming home to Sir Thomas Cecil. This is a great way to encounter tangible history and hear the fantastic stories which surround the ancient house.

Kilworth House Open Air Theatre

This gorgeous open air theatre is situated within beautiful woodlands beside the lake of the Kilworth House Hotel. It plays host to a wealth of highly regarded and celebrated stage shows throughout the summer with plenty of refreshments on offer. It’s the perfect day out, there is nothing like watching a play on a warm and breezy evening in the breath-taking environment of the Kilworth estate!

Why we love Rutland & South Leicestershire

There’s a lot to love about Rutland and South Leicestershire from the variation of activities, to the vast and unspoilt countryside to the well-connected transport links to the UK’s major cities. It encapsulates everything a commuter seeks in a home, being a friendly, quiet break from the urban rush of nearby cities fueled with a welcoming community spirit.

The houses, architecture and buildings project a beautiful identity with influence being pulled from many different parts of history – some of the older builds are made of limestone, ironstone and features thatched roofing. Many of the key areas are market towns by nature which means a perpetual warmth and social identity is deeply woven into its streets.

Key villages & towns in Rutland and South Leicestershire

Schools in the area

The Rutland and South Leicestershire area is particularly renowned for its wealth of educational facilities and reputation for transforming British schooling. Edward Thring, a Victorian headmaster of Uppingham School, shifted the approach of education to a more holistic one – a move which has impacted modern day schooling greatly. This still remain a fundamental part of the Uppingham School’s attitude towards educating their pupils.

There is a wide selection of schools specialising in primary, secondary and further education around the county. There is the Maidwell School which sits on beautiful and freeing grounds right in the middle of the countryside. Oakham School is another highly regarded school which encourages autonomous learning as a means to boost curiosity and confidence in a comforting family-like atmosphere.

In terms of further education, the South Leicestershire College offers an exciting range of degrees, training and apprenticeships as part-time or full-time courses. For a full, comprehensive list of schools operating within the area, visit the good schools guide.

Transport links

By train

The area is renowned for its fantastic commuter links with mainline stations in Market Harborough, Oakham, Peterborough, Kettering and Grantham all within easy access of the area. There are many connections and routes into London within about a two hour journey time.

By train

Ideally placed for a number of road connections, Rutland and South Leicestershire has easy access to some of the best connected roads in the country for long and short distance travel. The M1 runs just outside the West of the area which paves a path towards Sheffield, Leeds and beyond. The M6 is equally as easy to reach as is smaller A roads, namely the A14 and A1.