Christie's - Good Living 2016

Q2 2016

Our Good Living Issue opens with news of the arts, culture, travel and luxe living.

Wellbeing comes in all shapes and sizes. For some, it’s time with family. For others, it’s connecting with nature, or sitting down to an outstanding meal. Whatever good living means to you, we hope you’ll find inspiration in this issue.

Our cover property, Del Dios Ranch (page 28), is ideal for lovers of the great outdoors. In the exclusive Rancho Santa Fe district of Southern California, it boasts not only 160 acres of beautiful countryside, but also a stunning modernist home by architect Fred Briggs.

Of course to buy such a ranch you’ll need the services of a first-class realtor, but he or she is not the only professional you need to navigate your way joyfully through modern life. Your own PA, personal chef, and trainer are also becoming essential, as our feature on page 48 reveals.

We also uncover the many benefits of luxury home saunas and steam rooms (page 65), and meet the designers who are proving that there’s so much more to this healthful pursuit than super-heated wooden boxes.

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