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Urban Renters | 2016

Q4 2016

There is a fundamental gap in the research and analysis of the UK’s burgeoning Build to Rent (BTR) sector when it comes to identifying what people need, want and aspire to.

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In every property market across the world the first aim is to know your customer, and that is the purpose of this publication. On an asset-by-asset and market-by-market basis, the homes to be delivered will need to be designed to meet local requirements.

As we begin the delivery of large-scale BTR in the UK, we are fortunate to be able to review the best examples of private rented accommodation from countries that have adopted this housing provision over a number of decades, including the US, Germany and Japan. There is a clear, beneficial relationship between tenants, who are seeking good-quality rental housing, and investors, who are seeking long-term, annuity-like returns.

For this research, Stanhope, which recently formed an alliance with Network Homes to deliver BTR across Greater London, approached Strutt & Parker to analyse the profile of tenant demand and the main tribes within the rental market. Strutt & Parker is delighted to collaborate with two such best-in-class property experts. Stanhope has a history of delivering outstanding regeneration projects based on thorough, credible research, and Network Homes provides operational excellence, owning and managing over 20,500 units across the UK. Our industry challenge now is to deliver the best housing solutions because, in our view, we are not talking about Generation Rent, we are talking about Every Generation Rent.

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