Rural Taxation

Working closely with property professionals throughout the firm, our taxation specialists are able to advise clients in respect of UK direct taxation.

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Our Taxation Department uniquely combines rural and agricultural tax specialists with considerable H M Revenue & Customs and private practice experience.

The department is small enough to offer a bespoke and personal service at a reasonable cost, whilst being large enough to have broad experience and decades of exposure to a wide range of rural taxation issues.

Working in close liaison with our Client Accounting Department, our team of taxation specialists can deal with farm, let property and personal tax issues.

As well as private individuals, our clients include farmers and land owners, who own and manage their property via a range of structures including sole traders, partnerships, companies and trusts.

Let investment property

Our team has a broad client base from the UK and overseas, comprised of multiple unit investors as well as first time buy-to-let investors and home owners. We are able to prepare a client’s taxation computations and tax return, before filing electronically with HMRC and advising on the tax payable.

Land & buildings

We act for many clients with income generated from land and buildings and our team of specialists are happy to help you prepare the necessary computations needed for your return.

We also have considerable experience and exposure to the capital gains tax implications arising from the disposal of rural assets and can deal with either of these elements in isolation or with all other aspects as a complete package.


We are able to deal with all compliance aspects of what is now a very specialised area of taxation, including farmers averaging, herd basis and capital allowances.

Personal assets and family trusts

We also offer a taxation service in respect of any UK trusts be they discretionary, accumulation and maintenance, or life interest.

Again, the service available includes the preparation of annual returns and taxation computations, together with notifying beneficiaries’ personal accountants of income to be included on their personal returns where appropriate.

Mineral royalties, compulsory purchase & development

These are areas of taxation which the general practitioner does not come across on a regular basis.

Each has their own set of rules so it is imperative that the unusual nature of the transaction is identified at an early stage and the appropriate action taken