Battery Storage

The need to store electricity is increasing and the ability to use batteries to do this is developing rapidly.

There is growing interest and opportunity around using batteries to store energy. With the ever increasing production of intermittent electricity from renewable energy, particularly from sources such as solar and wind, there is a growing need to be able to store energy to use at times of higher demand.

The technology for battery storage of energy is still developing rapidly. How it can be deployed in practice is something that we expect to continue to evolve.

From 2016 through to early 2018 demand from developers grew for sites on which to develop battery storage that could be connected to the electricity grid. There were also ideas to put batteries on solar farm sites. Following Government policy change in 2017 this demand has reduced significantly. However, we expect it will appear again, in the way that solar PV had an early wave of development and then a later boom.

The Energy Team can assist land owners who are approached by developers looking for sites on which to develop this technology.

At the smaller scale if you already have a roof top solar PV array or a wind turbine directly generating and supplying intermittent electricity to your property then exploring energy storage will be a way to ensure that you get better value from it. The cost v benefit is not quite there but is rapidly approaching a point where installations will be worth implementing.