Battery Storage

The need to store electricity is increasing and the ability to use batteries to do this is developing rapidly.

There is growing interest and opportunity around using batteries to store energy. With the ever increasing production of intermittent electricity from renewable energy, particularly from sources such as solar and wind, there is a growing need to be able to store energy to be able to use it at times of higher demand.

Battery storage of energy is still a developing industry but is one that we expect to see much greater commercial opportunity for going forward.

If you already have a roof top solar PV array or a wind turbine directly generating and supplying intermittent electricity to your property then exploring energy storage can be a way to ensure that you get the maximum value from it.

Our team of engineers can advise on the different technologies that are available and help you consider feasibility and issues that need to be taken into account when looking to install an energy storage system.

We are seeing activity to identify sites that would be suitable for battery storage for exporting to the National Grid at times of high demand.

The Energy Team can assist land owners who are approached by developers looking for sites on which to develop this new technology.