Contract Farming and Joint Ventures

Contract farming agreements and joint ventures have become increasingly popular in recent years, solving different problems for different people.

For some they are a way to become more efficient and grow their business by taking on more land. For others they are a way to ease back from the daily requirements of running a farming business by bringing in a third party.

Joint ventures can take many forms, so our consultants will listen to a client’s objectives and then guide them through the different options, explaining the practical, financial, tax and legal implications of each one.

Contract farming agreements

We have been establishing and managing contract farming agreements for more than 25 years and can tailor them to suit the needs of the individual farm.

For example, you can remain involved in decisions such as cropping or varietal choice while leaving the day-to-day running of the farm to your chosen contractor. You can also adjust annually the amount of land you put in and profit you take out.

We can help a landowner to find the right contractor or assess the performance of an existing agreement. Alternatively, we can work with a contractor to pull together a tender for a new agreement.

Joint ventures and machinery sharing

By sharing resources with other farming businesses, whether this is land, machinery or management expertise, you can reduce the level of capital investment and also benefit significantly from economies of scale.

We can advise you on finding a joint venture partner and negotiating the terms of an agreement. Our team will work also with you to manage the venture from a practical and bookkeeping point of view.