Farming Advice and Consultancy

Objective, independent advice can be the key to unlocking the potential of your farm business.

A fresh pair of eyes, taking a through and constructive look at your set-up, helps to identify where the farm is performing and where it might need adjustments.

One-off business reviews

We have a great deal of experience in carrying out detailed, one-off reviews of clients' businesses and then developing a workable action plan for success.

The desire for a review can be prompted by a wish to change the strategic direction of a farm, a change of ownership or simply a wish to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Alternatively, you might be considering an investment and want to carry out a ‘health check’ of the business to help discussions with your lender.

Identify your objectives

We start by sitting down with you to gain a clear picture of your operation and of your aims for the future. We then spend time 'on the ground', observing the farm at work and carry out an in-depth assessment of the business, from the financial to the operational.

Farm report and action plan

This is followed by a concise report, which sets out a summary of our findings and a detailed action plan.

The focus of our farm business reviews is on providing practical advice, so we do more than simply identify problem areas.

We will work with you to identify workable solutions and will also be available to guide you in implementing our recommendations.

Ongoing advice

We also offer an ongoing consultancy service with tailored levels of involvement from our specialists.

We can advise on everything from balancing the books and setting budgets through to cropping decisions and industry trends. The team also offers strategic consultancy advice to help future-proof your business.