Grant Schemes

There is a range of subsidy and grant schemes available to farmers and land managers who may want to diversify, improve their productivity or carry out environmental work.

Most of the current schemes are competitive, so getting advice on what makes an application stand out can be the difference between getting funding or not.

Our farming advisers have a good working knowledge of all the key schemes on offer, who is eligible and how to construct an application to give it the best possible chance of success.

Agri-environment schemes

We can advise on the application process for conservation schemes such as Countryside Stewardship and the Woodland Grant Scheme in England or the Agri-Environment Climate Scheme in Scotland.

Our team can also offer guidance on the management of any pre-existing agri-environment agreements.

We pride ourselves on making sure that farming agreements are put together in such a way as to ensure that environmental benefits are delivered, without disrupting the efficient farming of the holding.

Our fully integrated approach considers the environmental, financial and sporting benefits for environmental schemes and also the practical implications, constraints and opportunity costs. This ensures that sustainable and workable agreements are secured.

Rural development grants

Each of the devolved regions of the UK offers a selection of grant schemes under their own Rural Development Programme.

We can advise clients on the different options available, eligibility criteria and application deadlines.

Our consultants can also pull together a full application for a grant scheme and work with the relevant body overseeing applications to pin down the detail of any agreement.

Basic Payment Scheme

We can complete the annual Basic Payment Scheme form on a client’s behalf or offer advice on any aspect of the scheme, including entitlement trading, cross-compliance and mapping.

If you would like to hear more about Strutt & Parker’s Grant Scheme services, contact the farming department in your local office for a no-obligation chat about your situation