Agricultural Property Management

Our team can handle everything from the day-to-day governance of farm tenancies through to a strategic plan for the farms on an estate.

Agricultural land is often at the heart of many landowners’ enjoyment of their estate.

As specialists in farming and rural property, we work with clients to make sure that their agricultural property portfolio delivers what they want from it now and in the future

Our team, with offices across the UK, are expert in all aspects of the landlord and tenant relationship and can advise on the specifics of any agricultural tenancies.

Governance of tenancy agreements

We have an intimate understanding of all types of farm tenancies under the different types of agricultural tenancy legislation that is applicable in England, Scotland and Wales.

Our teams can deal with any aspect of managing the relationship between landlord and tenant, including rent reviews and advising clients on the setting up of new tenancies.

Working with a range of clients means we also have in-depth knowledge of the lettings market and rental values in local areas.

Long-term land strategy

We also believe that clients need to be thinking about a long-term strategy for their agricultural land portfolio.

The challenge for most agricultural estates is to ensure they have good tenants who are able to utilise suitable fixed equipment in order that they can compete in the global marketplace.

Our land agents can put in place a strategic plan to help landlords and tenants work in partnership to achieve these goals and build a stronger agricultural estate.

The right tenants and equipment

Efficient modern fixed equipment is important. We understand practical challenges such as making sure that farms have the appropriate fixed equipment and how to recycle and extract value from redundant fixed equipment in order to reinvest back into the estate.

By combining our farmers with our land agents we understand the practical challenges for occupiers as well as the needs of the wider rural estate business.