Grants and subsidies

Guiding landowners through the process of making successful grant and subsidy applications for a wide range of UK schemes.

A wide range of subsidy and grant schemes are available to farmers, land managers and rural communities who want to diversify in the rural economy, improve farm & forestry productivity, or create and enhance environmental attributes in their business.

All of the current schemes are competitive and strict on timescales so getting advice on what makes an application stand out can be the difference between getting funding or not.

Our team has a good working knowledge of all the key schemes on offer across the UK, who is eligible, what the priorities are and how to prepare a quality written application to give it the best possible chance of success.

Growth Programme: grants for the rural economy

This programme provides funding that will create jobs and help rural economy growth. Local Enterprise Partnerships are responsible for setting their own priorities throughout UK which offer a selection of grant schemes to assist business development, food processing, tourism infrastructure & tourism cooperation.

We can advise clients on the relevant local priorities, different options available, eligibility criteria, the application process and deadlines.

Our consultants have experience with the process which generally involves submitting an Expression of Interest followed by a full and detailed application. We build good relationships with the relevant body overseeing applications in order to gain a clear understanding of what they want to see in an application and pinpoint the detail of a future agreement.

While priorities will vary across the country, generally the schemes are aimed at small rural businesses, farmers diversifying and social enterprises.

Countryside Stewardship

Focused on environmental land management the Countryside Stewardship (CSS) provides funding for a broad range of activities to create or restore important habitats, flood management, woodland creation & management, preserving historic rural landscape and encouraging educational access.

We can advise on the priorities, the application process for all the different conservation and woodland management schemes offered across the UK.

Our team can also offer guidance on the management of any pre-existing Environmental Stewardship schemes and how the old and new regimes interact.

We pride ourselves on making sure that agreements are designed to ensure that environmental benefits are delivered, without disrupting the efficient running of a farm or estate and we aspire to making the scheme complement existing or restructured management activities.

Basic Payment Scheme

We can complete the annual Basic Payment Scheme form on a client’s behalf or offer advice on any aspect of the scheme, including entitlement trading, cross-compliance and mapping.