Minerals and Waste

Our team of experts can advise on mineral and waste management to drive the most appropriate, cost effective means of development.

We manage developing and developed sites up and down the UK which are involved in all aspects of mineral and aggregate extraction, recycling, waste management and other linked activities.

We have experience dealing with sand, gravel, limestone, sandstone, clay, igneous rocks and many other industrial minerals.

Mineral extraction

Mineral extraction offers the potential for a double profit where the resulting holes in the ground may be developed for landfill or other waste, recycling or renewable energy uses.

Where extraction has already occurred, we can advise on the potential for further extraction.

Waste management opportunities

Landfill is a strictly regulated business and depositing unauthorised waste material on unlicensed land is a potentially criminal activity.

We have broad experience in advising our clients and their financial advisers on the legal aspects of landfill.

Rents, royalties and licences

Our surveyors can provide detailed valuations of mineral and landfill sites, advise on rent and royalty reviews and, where leases and licences do not yet exist, apply for new ones.

We are used to working with other professionals and experts, and are sympathetic in considering minerals developments from an owner's point of view whilst also taking into account local feeling.

Planning and the environment

Mineral extraction and tip planning may often require years of work to bring a development into production or to the market.

Environmental and economic appraisals are always necessary as part of the preparation for realising value. With recent changes in planning legislation affecting minerals and waste policy and ongoing change in environmental legislation, it is essential to take sound advice.

We have the experience and expertise to steer new projects in an area still bursting with potential.