Rural Commercial Property Management

Our rural property experts will ensure landowners’ rural commercial property is managed to meet its potential.

Commercial property on a rural estate can be incredibly varied, including pubs, workshops, studios, retail outlets, industrial units, village halls and office space.

Our services can range from offering advice on new tenancies, though to the full management of a commercial property portfolio.

We give landlords confidence that all their legal and administrative obligations will be met and their tenants will be dealt with professionally and fairly.

The legal framework

We can advise on the buying and selling of commercial property, as well as leases, under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 in England and contract law in Scotland.

We are familiar with dealing with licences and 'tenancies at will' and negotiating when tenancies come to an end.

Full management service

We act on behalf of landlords to advertise properties to let, find the right tenants, set up tenancy agreements, collect rents, carry out inspections and deal with any disputes.

Our team also arranges for any repairs which are the landlord’s responsibility, schedules necessary maintenance work and ensures that all legislative requirements are met.

Market intelligence

Working with a wide range of clients means we can provide advice on the commercial lettings market and where rent levels should be.

Our research team can also provide powerful insight into market trends in the commercial property market, providing information which can be used to help develop an estate’s business interests.

Long-term view

Our rural property experts will also look to the future to assess any commercial property interests from a strategic point of view.

The team can also call on the expertise of planning and building specialists who can advise on the conversion of rural buildings to commercial use or on a change of use to residential.