Rural Connectivity (Telecoms and Broadband)

Our Telecoms team helps landowners through the often tricky process of negotiating with mobile phone and broadband operators who require access to their land or leases over property.

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Strutt & Parker's unrivalled telecoms group acts for landowners only and never for telecommunications operators.

The team is now centralised into the Shrewsbury Office for England and Wales and into the Banchory Office for Scotland.

We employ dedicated specialists who are solely focussed on telecoms. Each member has a wealth of experience and knowledge of this specialised market, both in their own area and nationally.

Rents and sites

We oversee new lettings and lease renewals, negotiate rent reviews, advise on site shares and deal with site upgrade requests. We also deal with assignments and network convergence between operators looking to share antenna systems.

Our work covers rooftop installations as well as greenfield sites.

Wayleaves for cabling (including fibre optics) and access agreements form an ever growing part of our work.

We market and manage individual radio mast sites, as well as extensive portfolios of mobile phone masts.

We act for a range of corporate clients, local authorities and government departments as well as for private individuals owning a single site.

The team regularly conduct Expert Witness work for court and arbitration purposes, where their wealth of experience can carry substantial weight on behalf of clients.

Negotiate to cover professional costs

In any negotiation, one of the first terms that we seek to agree with the operators is that they will meet the costs of the legal and professional advisors employed by the landowner.

We are able to provide a review of any telecoms lease and identify opportunities for the landowner, usually without incurring cost and without obligation.

Secure best deals

This is a fast-moving market, as evidenced by the enormously swift technological advances and the phenomenal rise in smartphone usage. 5G is on the horizon and the so called ‘Internet of Things’ is poised for massive and rapid expansion.

Our experience and understanding of the changing needs and demands of the operators is essential in securing the best possible deal for landowners for their mobile phone masts.

Rents database

Our Telecoms Research Group is constantly adding to a comprehensive database of rents and rent reviews from managing individual sites to major portfolios.

They produce the largest national survey of telecoms sites compiled from our database of thousands of sites, which means we have a wealth of the kind of good comparable evidence vital to securing the best possible telecoms deals for our clients.

If you have any questions about Telecoms, please contact us by email or telephone.