Country Houses

Based in Cadogan Street, the National Country House Department handles the sale of properties valued over £2 million across the UK.

From Devon to the Highlands, we have the good fortune of working with a wonderful variety of houses and people. No day, property or client is ever the same and we are committed to ensuring that we have the best team in the business to give every client a bespoke service that goes beyond their expectations.

As we all know, finding a house that meets all of your requirements can be a testing time and it is times like this where professional help is critical. This is where our highly regarded National Country House team are here to help. Being a team of nine with years of experience working in the prime country house market we are on hand 24/7 to give you all the guidance you need throughout the sales process, providing honest feedback at all times and only being a phone call away should you have a question to ask.

Each member of our team covers a specific part of the country and has superb knowledge of their patch. Within these individual areas we also have the support of our 38 outstanding offices outside of London with whom we link closely on a day to day basis providing advice on a local level.