Professional services

Across our national network, we have a number of experts offering specialist knowledge on a range of subjects relating to residential, rural and commercial property.

Sometimes there may be many specialists on a topic - expert witnesses, for example - and you'll find information on these firm-wide professionals services on our main 'Professional services' section; other times, the subject is so specialised, we are lucky to have one of the few experts in the country working for us - minerals, for example.

Here we describe the professional services that are particular to, or most often allied to, the rural sector: mediation, arbritration and litigation; telecoms; accounting and taxation; insolvency, receivership and recovery; conservation; grants, subsidies and legislation; and property records and digital mapping.

Our specialists are usually very modest about their expertise, but the extent of their knowledge is quite remarkable, built up through many years' experience. They keep their knowledge fresh and up to date by reading all manner of articles, research papers, legislation and blogs.

Find out more about our professional services, which include: Mediation, arbitration and litigation, Telecoms, Accounting and taxation, Insolvency, receivership and recovery, Conservation, Grants, subsidies and legislation, Property records and digital mapping.

Alternatively, get in touch using this form or contact on of our experts directly.