The days when the words ‘English’ and ‘wine’ were rarely seen together are history.

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The UK wine industry has been growing steadily over the past decade, with land planted with vineyards increasing by 140% and production now at an impressive average of 3.77 million bottles a year.

An increasing proportion of this is sparkling wine – currently 66% of English wine is sparkling – due to a combination of factors including changing weather patterns, judicious planting in areas with the right soil and topography, increasing knowledge and professionalism in the production process, and a growing following among the press and public.

Yet still, only 1% of sparkling wine consumed in the UK is produced here, so there is huge potential for this industry to continue to grow, and to thrive.

Strutt & Parker can help with all aspects of buying, setting up, growing and selling vineyards and viticultural land.

Your local viticultural experts

Kent Edward Mansel Lewis / 01227 473741

Surrey & Sussex Nick Watson / 01273 407051

Essex Michael Anderson / 01245 254689

Selling viticultural land

There are certain essential qualities that land must possess in order to be suitable for growing vines. If land is not currently being used for viticulture, our experts are able to identify whether land would be suitable for vines, and can market the land accordingly.

For reasons of confidentiality, many of the vineyards and wine businesses we sell transact off market and therefore do not appear on our website or on other property portals. If you are interested in investing in the UK wine sector, please email Edward Mansel Lewis or send us a message via our website

Buying viticultural land

For clients looking to set up, or expand, a vineyard, our experienced agents are able to search across the South of England to find suitable land; whether currently being used for arable, or already established as vineyards. We can search out land that displays the right qualities; south-facing, sheltered slopes, less than 80 metres above sea level, and, crucially, with the right soil type.

Business and property advice

As with any business, there are always ways to increase turnover and diversify the income streams on your vineyard. Our experts have worked with clients to develop restaurants and visitor centres, as well as assisting with planning and rating, and providing extensive property advice.