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As well as managing agricultural and other productive land and property on estates, we manage sporting activities and estates.

Just sometimes our managing agents will find they are getting paid to bump across a grouse moor on an Argocat on a sunny late summer morning. It's a dirty job but someone has to do it, and working alongside estate managers and gamekeepers we are responsible for tens of thousands of acres of land used for shooting, stalking and fishing. Some are run on a for-profit basis and some are there simply because the owner loves shooting or fishing or stalking (often all three). On some of the land sport is its primary function, elsewhere it also supports such activities as sheep farming or forestry.

Working closely alongside keepers, ghillies, stalkers and their teams, we advise on everything to do with running a successful shoot, stalking estate or river beat. We can also manage the raising of young birds, maintenance of habitats, planting of game crops and woodland cover, maintenance of fencing, river banks, gates, butts, hides, seats and vehicles, as well as planning for the season.

Our agents can also help with hiring and training new staff on sporting estates.

Proven partnerships

Many of the sporting estates we manage are very well-established - some are sporting household names - but they are always being improved and developed.  Maintenance and planning for the future all feature strongly in the work we do. Growing woodlands and improving habitats takes time and often features in our strategic estate planning.

Field sports play an important part in many local economies and communities. On shoot days in particular a large number of casual staff have to be brought in. Beaters, dog handlers, caterers and domestic staff can be organised by us. We have good relationships with people locally who do this kind of work to a high standard. Picnics and barbecues for fishing huts can also be arranged.

And we can usually find someone with a good working knowledge of the best local hostelries to point the guns in the right direction.

See our available fishing, shooting and stalking to let, or if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact Michael Laing or get in touch using this form.


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