Our vision & our values

Our partnership lives and breathes the vision defined and follows the clear establishment of values which form the operating conduct and behaviour of our business.

Our vision

A property partnership that helps people lead the lives they aspire to

Our values

These are the six characteristics that we value in our partnership and in each other. They inform how we conduct ourselves as a business and as individuals.

  • Respect: As a partnership we have a culture of respect for each other’s knowledge and expertise. We educate, train and nurture our people, and actively engage in social programmes.
  • Trust: One of our core values is based on the trust placed in us by our clients and by our colleagues. We actively seek to avoid conflicts of interest. Over the changing landscape of the past 125 years, we have grown and developed into new disciplines.
  • True Partnership: The partnership between ourselves, our staff and our clients has always been at the heart of what we do. An encapsulation of our beliefs, it informs how we conduct ourselves as a business and as individuals.
  • Delivery: We ensure we deliver our services diligently, creatively and intelligently, with an absolute focus on our clients. We like to celebrate our past successes, whilst keeping our focus on the future.
  • Professional: We apply the highest standards of expertise to all our activities to achieve the best results. Our working environments are fun and friendly, while also professional and hardworking.
  • Ours is a collaborative environment which encourages ideas, innovation and discussion. Supported through the opportunities of progression and personal development, our people tend to stay with us for many years.