Pumpkin Patch

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Pumpkin Patch

The true emblem of autumn. Pumpkins become highly sought after as soon as the leaves start to crisp up and the weather turns. After all, nothing makes us feel quite as seasonal as seeing those orange spheres dotted across doorsteps as we approach October 31st. But, where should you be sourcing your very own seasonal squash? The vegetable aisle in supermarkets are always bursting with a variety of shapes, sizes and colours but there’s a new trend on the rise that is much more fun -and that’s visiting a local farm and picking your own.

But, where did the tradition of pumpkins at Halloween begin?

Many people associate Halloween traditions with America but that is not true. It all began with an Irish myth of ‘Stingy Jack’ – who tricked the devil for monetary gain. His punishment for this was not being allowed into heaven or hell so he was left roaming the earth to the end of time. Traditionally, turnips were harvested at this time of the year so people in Ireland used the vegetable to carve scary demonic faces in with a candle inside to ward off his soul. These were called Jack o’Lanterns.

Now our traditions are much more light-hearted. Social media has already been bursting with recipes, decorating and picturesque farms so, if you haven’t already, it’s time to join the trend. This annual outing means lots of farms across the country have diversified into having their own patch so there’s likely to be one near you. Often these farms have lots of other spookily themed activities so you can really make a day of it.

So, whether you’re planning to carve a work of art or simply turn it into a warming soup, we’ve picked five of our favourite pumpkin patches across the UK (and, because we’re an estate agency, five wonderful homes to go with them!).

Foxes Farm Produce, Essex

This is an Essex firm favourite and boasts not one but big two patches. You can either pick Basildon or Colchester. There is plenty of food and drink options, a large play area and even a bar, as well as a helpful wet weather gauge on the website so you can assess whether you need your wellies!

You can get from its Basildon location to this Victorian country house in just 20 minutes:

Brockbushes Farm, Northumberland

Named as one of the best pumpkin patches in the country, Brockbushes farm in Northumberland is well-known for its fruit picking and pumpkins are no exception. It always attracts plenty of visitors from far and wide throughout October so booking is essential.

Apperley Farm sits in the next door neighbouring village to Brockbushes Farm so it would make it easy to beat the crowds:

Tulleys Pumpkins

Nestled into West Sussex countryside and conveniently close to London, Tulleys Pumpkins certainly don’t hold back and have a whole festival inspired by the fruit. The farm is more family friendly in the day with pick your own pumpkins, live roaming characters and great food and drink onsite, but if you return in the evening, you can enjoy a cocktail and live music.

This lovely period cottage is a just a short 30 minute drive from the patch:

Monk Park Farm, near Thirsk

Whether you’re wanting to show off your carving skills or get the perfect Instagram shot, Monk Park Farm goes all out for spooky season. There’s a pumpkin trail, potion making and even a best dressed competition all just outside the town of Thirsk.

Explore the surrounding villages of Thirsk while you’re there and you’ll come across this elegant period home:

Siam Hall Spooky Pumpkins, Boxford

For those who cannot wait to carve up their pumpkins, try Siam Hall Spooky Pumpkins. The farm located on the Suffolk/Essex border has an excellent carving area and, if you happen to be in the market for several, there are wheelbarrows available.

If you’re looking some for somewhere to display your pumpkins after, the grand entrance to this former rectory might be the perfect spot. It helps that you’d only be a 15 minute drive too:

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