Take 5: Homes with good indoor air quality


When it comes to homes, energy efficient houses are always in high demand – with their reduced energy consumption, limited demand for non-renewable resources, and the feel-good factor of improving your carbon footprint, it’s no surprise. Technology to help improve a property’s energy efficiency is constantly developing and, as it evolves, each system and product becomes slicker, and its benefits grow.

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (aka. MVHR) is a great example of this. These systems have become far more common in residential homes over the last few years, and they have a long list of benefits. By providing fresh filtered air and re-using heat that would typically be lost, MVHR systems help to create optimal living conditions with minimal energy usage, as well as enhancing ventilation, tackling condensation levels which can cause damp and mould growth, and improving your indoor air quality.

We sat down with Francesca Brady, CEO of AirRated – the global benchmark for indoor air quality – to talk about why we should be conscious about the air within our homes. And if you’re sold on the idea of an energy efficient home with an optimised environment, here are fives homes for sale with MVHR systems.



This collection of 12 homes in South Ascot is full of modern touches and sits in a fabulous position, with plenty of green space on its doorstep and a bustling high street less than a mile away. Set behind gates and surrounded by landscaped gardens, all of the two- and three-bedroom apartments have eco features to offer high-spec, efficient homes. There’s MVHR systems, underfloor heating, electric car charging points, and even a fast charge point for your guests with electric vehicles.



A quick look at this new-build coastal home and it’ll come as little surprise that Ferndown has been designed with the future in the mind. The buyer has the chance to choose and customise many of the fittings themselves, but the energy efficiency features are already all sorted for you: air source heat pumps, a MVHR system, 48 solar panels, underfloor heating throughout, and Ultraline low profile floor-to-ceiling sliding windows across the entire house which are operated electronically.

St Mary’s House


This converted church ticks plenty of boxes – it’s certainly unique, has plenty of charm, and sits on the edge of a lovely village – but you perhaps won’t be expecting it to also have eco features. Dating from the 18th century, this architecturally significant home has been fitted with a hybrid air source heat pump, underfloor heating and a MVHR system.

The Walled Garden


The Walled Garden comprises of four, three-bedroom single-storey homes and while it’s unusual enough to find a new-build bungalow, they’re even more desirable thanks to impressive eco features – including air source heat pumps, solar panels with battery storage and MVHR systems. While they sit in an 18th century walled garden, the homes themselves are fantastically modern and ideal for turnkey living.

The Old Nursery

Bourne End

This collection of new homes will all have EPC B ratings, complete with air source heat pumps, underfloor heating, solar panels with battery storage and MVHR systems. Built on the site of a former kitchen garden, the setting is particularly special: the River Wye runs at the end of the gardens and the River Thames is just a short stroll away, while the historical village of Cookham is also just a mile away.

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