Take 5… Homes with lustworthy kitchens


Many look at the kitchen as being the heart of the home. We think that’s true. A kitchen often gives you glimpses of the homeowner’s personality more than any other room. From the stained cookbooks earmarked with our favourite recipes, plenty of hand-me-downs stashed in drawers, and that cast iron casserole dish that’s been passed down through the generations. They all spark memories of wholesome family suppers, dinner parties full of laughter, and home cooked dates with loved ones.

Before, the kitchen wasn’t central to a household, we kept them tucked away out of sight. Where once we would only use it to cook, kitchens are now a place to dine, work, entertain, sip a cup of coffee and even relax. More than ever, style has to complement practicality and our wish lists are bigger than ever before. So, when setting out to create your own space, there are multiple design elements that need to be addressed.

Luckily, kitchen design never quite stands still and we are surrounded by inspiration. You only need to open Instagram or a glossy magazine to see the latest trends. But, with so many questions to answer when it comes to planning, it can be overwhelming. It should nod to your personal style – whether that’s sleek and modern, or timeless and classic – and, perhaps more importantly, be comforting and relaxing. There’s also practical considerations – such as how much worktop space you need, seating considerations and storage.

If you’re on the lookout for inspiration, we’ve got five properties on the market that have kitchens to lust after:

Beamed ceilings, a black AGA-style range and a farmhouse feel. What’s not to like about The Grange’s kitchen?

If you’re dreaming of adding an island, Bramham Gardens has the perfect example. It adds plenty of worktop space, as well as added storage:

If entertaining is your top priority, take a look around St Ceilia’s. The 24ft kitchen opens up onto a decked terrace via sliding glass doors that are the length of the room – and there’s a wine fridge too:

The blue cabinets and cream AGA in Fairfield Cottage’s kitchen is a colour combination too good not to share. It is classic and timeless:

If you’re looking for a brand to give you inspiration, Plain English deliver award-winning kitchens. In fact, we like them so much we recently did a blog with them. This one designed for 63 Radnor Walk is no exception either:

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