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Housing Futures

Q2 2024

We are now in the eleventh year of our Housing Futures survey, an annual look at emerging housing trends and the changing priorities of home movers.

Our survey of over 2,000 people from across the UK, all looking to move in the next five years, provides insight into what consumers really want from their next home and how they would like to live in the future.

This year, we’re breaking down the survey into a series of themes that hopefully appeal to whatever part of housing you’re interested in – whether you’re downsizing or upsizing, renting or buying your forever home. We look at the factors that decision making and housing preferences; from the political to the economic, environmental to the familial.

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- Is This Sustainable? 


Our 2023 research

Our latest research looks at what consumers really want from their next home and how they would like to live in the future.

By surveying over 2,000 people across the UK we can see the motivations and influences that drive home-movers and how these people want to live.

These include: the property features that are most important to people now; where people want to live; how they want to commute; and how environmentally friendly or sustainable they want to be.

With ten years of historical data we also have the ability to delve into how these trends have changed and evolved over time.

Download the Life Moves: 10 Years On publication here.

Previous Research Publications


The 9th edition of our annual Housing Future publication looks at what consumers really want from their next home.

Where do we want our homes to be? What do we want our homes to look like? Will our homes have 1 bedroom or 2? Will we live on our own or with family or friends? Ultimately, how do we want to live? These are the types of questions that our annual Housing Futures survey has asked since 2013 as we seek to understand the future home aspirations of people across the UK.

Being at the forefront of new trends has given us the privilege of engaging with the complete life cycle of the housing sector from the house builders, planners, local government, investors, developers, operators, and perhaps most importantly, our residential estate agents helping our clients, to buy, sell and rent the home of their dreams. The content from these publications serve as a snapshot of our analysis of the survey results.

Life Moves The Next Chapter

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