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New Horizons | 2019

Q4 2019

We have identified the structural shifts that will change the way we live in the coming decade in our recent Housing Futures publication, New Horizons.

Vanessa Hale

Director, Research

+44 20 7318 4675

The pace of change in property and real estate is unprecedented. Everything from how we build, to how we buy our homes, is transforming. In Strutt & Parker’s Housing Futures study, changes taking place in the wider world are now reflected quite clearly in the world of property. Alternative Finance is just one hot topic, says Research Director, Vanessa Hale. Peer2Peer lending and crowdfunding are two methods being used by small or medium size developers, allowing them to attract capital and deliver housing against some of the bigger developers she says.

“Technology also has the ability to really influence on climate change, especially when you think of urban environments. Whether that’s putting in vertical rooftop farms or urban farm buildings that are no longer fit for purpose…All those things which are really driven by technology fundamentally have the ability to showcase that we can recreate or regenerate our own services, but also gives us the potential to have more access to nature.”

From holoportation, virtual viewings and virtual reality, the entire process of viewing and buying house and the ways in which you interact with an estate agent is changing. “Whether you’re in Chicago or Hong Kong…you could be looking at a property in London with a simple set of Virtual Reality goggles. It’s a really interactive way to see a property without necessarily being in the same location.”

To watch Vanessa discuss all of the themes in this blog, click on this link.