A pair of driven grouse moors

This lot comprises a pair of adjoining and improving driven grouse moors.

Sportings Morven and Deskry are two adjoining moors situated between the A97 Dinnet to Donside county road and the summit of Morven on the western side of the estate.

Lying broadly on a saddle of hill ground running northeast from Morven and extending to about 4,740 acres, the topography and contours of the moors provide exceptionally exciting and varied driven grouse shooting with 12 named drives.

Following an increase in the keepering effort and management of the moors, the grouse records since 2012 have correspondingly improved.

In terms of infrastructure, there is good access to the hill from the public road connecting to a network of hill tracks which facilitates vehicular access for heather burning, vermin control, grit distribution, maintenance of butt lines and also access for guns, beaters, flankers and pickers-up on shoot days.

There is a sheltered lunch hut on the northern slopes of Morven hill.

With the high point on the moors being the summit of Morven (2,862 feet above sea level), there is a healthy population of ptarmigan within this lot.

On the northern and southern fringes of the moor, there are populations of blackgame which have flourished in recent years. There are several ‘leks’ which can attract upwards of a dozen cock birds and make a fascinating spectacle for those up early enough to observe it.

There is a small loch beside the Deskry Water at Bogston offering the opportunity for duck flighting.

Forestry and Woods The forestry and woods within this lot lie on the northern edge of the lot.

At the northeast corner, beside the A97 is Deskryshiel Wood – a mature commercial block of conifers that was mostly planted in the 1960s, and a small section has been felled. It extends to about 152 acres.

Adjoining it is a new plantation of 53 acres, which is deer fenced and planted with mixed broadleaves. Further up the valley, there are five smaller woods, extending to about 37 acres in total of mainly broadleaves and some Scots pine. These were planted with the particular purpose of improving the habitat for black grouse.

Farming The farming element of most of the moor comprises grazing by a flock of hill sheep. Following pre-sale negotiations, it has been agreed that these grazings will be let under a LDT to a local farmer (who is also the farming tenant on the Towie Estate, lot 5) for a 10-year term beginning 28 November 2016. Having been negotiated in advance of the sale of the estate, the tenant is obliged to farm the moor in accordance with best practice grouse moor management, to include a restriction on the number of sheep which may be grazed and a commitment to undertake an appropriate dipping regime and regular application of acaricides for the control of ticks.

At the southeastern part of this lot is an area which the adjoining Dinnet Estate has a servitude right to graze.

At the very northeastern tip of this lot, between the Deskryshiel track and the northern boundary is a field of permanent pasture extending to about 9 acres.

This property has 4992 acres of land.

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Tillypronie Estate, Tarland Aboyle Aberdeenshire AB34

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Ref: EDN160297

Tillypronie Estate, Tarland Aboyle Aberdeenshire AB34

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