Estate staff Recruitment

Strutt & Parker have been managing estates and farms for over 150 years.

A key aspect of good estate management is making sure that the right people are doing the right jobs and we have unrivalled experience in that area. Employing someone is an investment in their future, as well as filling the vacancy at hand. It therefore pays to find the right person who will repay that investment with skill, loyalty and drive so that your aims become their aims and they achieve their aspirations, as much as you achieve yours.

Employment legislation is complicated, hence the need for proper professional advice and the land agents at Strutt and Parker will guide you through the process to ensure you end up with the right staff for your business.

We are proud of both our own skills at recruitment and of our ability to help our clients recruit the best staff to manage and work on their estates.

Businesses succeed or fail on the quality of their staff and their suitability for the job. We advise on the recruitment of resident agents, estate administrators, senior management staff, domestic staff, gamekeepers, estate and agricultural workers.

We have extensive knowledge and contacts within the market to find the right staff for the right jobs, and we also employ our own in-house head-hunter who ensures that we have up to date knowledge of which candidates are in the market. That enables a more focused and cost effective service.

Our team can handle every part of the recruitment process including drawing up job specifications and holding interviews, through to preparing employment contracts

Management positions

We recruit senior management staff for a huge range of positions from Resident Agents, who are employed by Strutt and Parker, but work full time for the estate, to estate administrators, who are primarily financially trained but who also assist in the day to day running of estates. Other senior positions include farm managers and clerks of works, shop managers, events managers and book keepers, all of whom are key employees in ensuring a successful management chain

Domestic staff

Our experience in recruiting suitable domestic staff for houses on the estates we manage is unparalleled. From cooks and housekeepers to butlers and managers, we know what you are looking for.

We know that rushing the recruitment process and getting the wrong person, who then has to be replaced can be particularly frustrating in a domestic setting.

The length of time that many of the staff we have recruited have been in their posts speaks volumes about our ability to recruit the right people for the right job.

Experienced agricultural workers

Our agricultural staff have to be up-to-date with all the latest safety training and accreditation and be able to work as a team.

Many farms and estates have an influx of temporary staff at harvest and other busy times and recruiting enough of them ready to take on the necessary roles at the right time is crucial to the success of the harvest.

We also work with our Farming Department to find the best candidates to fill important managerial positions on farms, such as specialist machinery operators and innovative farm managers.