Take 5… Colourful Homes


With a few sunny days under our belts, it feels as if summer is on the horizon. Our gardens are starting to pop with life – with tumbling wisteria, blooming tulips, and rambling clematis, and lambs bounce over fields across the countryside. It feels like the perfect season to breathe new life into our homes too – and warmer weather naturally pushes us towards bolder colour.

Colours have impact way beyond walls. They have been proven to uplift and improve our moods. But if you’re feeling nervous about using maximalist prints and the brightest shade of orange, there are ways of adding it to your home without committing to too much. A bold blue façade, a brightly panelled entrance hallway or pastel tones in a cosy reading nook are just a few ideas. It is a chance to express for you to show your creative flare so think about your ideal colour palette and go from there.

If you’re looking for inspiration, we are fortunate to have so many examples dotted around the UK. Historically, pastel pink homes were in abundance in Suffolk. Developed in the 14th century the famous ‘Suffolk pink’ houses were the result of a variety of natural pigments added to the cladding to create varying pink tones and hues. In some coastal locations, it is said that sailors returning from sea painted their houses distinctive colours so they could chart home in the rain and fog.

Whatever your reason is for wanting a colourful home, we know it can be tricky to get started. To help, we recently sat down with interior designer Matthew Williamson to get some tips on how to be bold with our homes, spoke our clients on how they’ve successfully used colour, and picked five properties below that might tempt you to get the paint brush out:


Dillions Farmhouse

West Sussex

The soft pink hue of this bedroom at Dillions Farmhouse creates a warm and inviting space.

Castle Gates House


Castle Gates House has a wonderful green kitchen, adding colour to this beautiful and iconic Elizabethan mansion.



This substantial seafront residence is in keeping with its coastal surroundings with pale yellow exterior.



The bold orange bedroom in this stunning Georgian home, shows how well colour works!



Overlooking the village green, Englewick is a handsome period house with a pretty pink façade.

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