Property Futures

This on-going research into the UK property market looks in practical terms at future structural change, and the likely impacts and outcomes from both an occupier, developer and investor perspective.


The third publication in our Property Futures programme looks at the rising tide of occupier flexibility and what it means for investors. A Flexible Future: The rising tide of flexibility and the implications for property investment looks in detail at MSCI’s data on real estate investment performance by lease length to both analyse the historic pattern of returns, and draw conclusions on future performance. The report goes on to consider the future patterns of occupier demand, the impact of technology, and the strategies available to investors, now and in the future, that will enable them to meet the challenge head on.

Read the full report here.

Property Futures 2016


The second publication in our Property Futures programme focuses on the future of offices. Office Futures: Workshift is based on a survey of 1,000 office workers in London, taking in their views on tasks, office equipment and technology; office layouts and features, and the urban environment and transport connectivity.

Analysing the views of office workers, we look at the likely future impacts on occupier behaviour, the corresponding challenges for investors and how they can overcome them.

We believe that this research is relevant to everyone in involved in office development, leasing and investment, and we hope provides valuable, real-world insights into what the future holds.

Read the full report here.

Property Futures 2015


This report serves as our first major piece of analysis and takes the reader through a synopsis of the dominant market drivers; our view as to how the retail, office, industrial, resources & energy, farmland and build to rent residential sub sectors are changing over the coming decade and the subsequent implications. Through a series of interviews, and an industry wide survey, our findings were tested with property professionals across the UK.

Click here to view an interactive PDF of the report and read our views on 19 future trends. If you would like to print the report, please download this version.

We hope that the information within and the industry’s response to them, gives you both food for thought regarding the future and an interesting perspective on what your peers think.