Financial Management and client Accounting

Strutt & Parker’s accounting team can handle all aspects of financial management for farms and estates.

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Our specialist accountants and bookkeepers offer our clients an efficient, cost-effective solution to the problem of how farms, estates and rural businesses can stay on top of their bookkeeping and financial management requirements.

As specialists in accounting for property, agriculture and the rural sector, we understand the particular needs of such businesses.

The main client accounting department is based at Chelmsford, with a team also located at Banchory which deals with our clients in Scotland. Our dedicated tax team is located in Lewes.

Our 25-strong team uses the latest technology and IT infrastructure to maintain bookkeeping records and process transactions.

Whatever your business we will be able to deal with all your requirements - from processing invoices and completing VAT returns through to payroll and preparing annual accounts.


We offer a flexible bookkeeping service to our clients which can be tailored to suit the size of your business. Our team of bookkeepers develop an in-depth understanding of every business they deal with to effectively manage all day-to-day bookkeeping tasks.

As well as the standard services of supplier payments and sales invoicing, we are also able to offer your tenants the facilities to pay their rent by Direct Debit, giving you greater control over cashflow.

Direct Bookkeeping

We offer a service called Direct Bookkeeping to estates and landowners who want to outsource their bookkeeping, but where Strutt & Parker is not involved in the day to day management of the business.

Utilising our bookkeeping software, we allocate a dedicated bookkeeper and an email address to which you send scanned copies of invoices, and we do the rest. Clients can view their own data via our WebView product and also have access to the knowledge and skills of the rest of our team.

Financial Accounting

Whether a sole trader, a partnership or limited liability partnership, the director of a limited company or a Trustee our team can produce end of year financial accounts. These can be used by our tax team in order to complete the tax return, or sent to your own tax adviser.

We are used to preparing accounts that have multiple income streams, from arable farming or rental income to wedding events and deer farming.


As well as taking the pain out of pensions auto-enrolment (AE), our payroll system provides an employee portal to which employees can view their payslips and keeps a track of all AE correspondence - should a compliance audit take place.

We can both prepare the payroll and send it to you enabling employees to be paid, or we can pay your employees directly.


Our accountants are skilled in the idiosyncrasies of land and property VAT, including partial exemption rules and de minimis limits, recovery of VAT on farmhouse costs and where a mixture of business and private expenditure occurs.

Bespoke reporting

Landowners need to understand the financial performance of their estate or farm. Accurate and timely management reporting is a key part of the service which helps clients stay on top of their business.

We can tailor your management reports to better highlight what is important to you; whether this is by utilising a dashboard to show your key performance indicators, or to forecast future cashflow problems.


Our WebView product gives secure read-only access to clients and their advisors enabling them to view all bookkeeping records, electronic copies of purchase invoices and financial reports. Access is available via a standard web browser