Rural energy

Rural Energy

We are at the forefront of the rural energy sector, offering independent advice to UK landowners on both efficiency and renewable energy projects.

Today, we are helping our clients plan ahead to meet upcoming minimum energy performance standards and to tackle the challenges posed by rising energy costs and security of supply.

Our team can help develop an energy strategy for an estate, farm or property that complements the wider vision for the business. We advise on every stage of the process, starting with the assessment of existing property and current energy use identifying where energy efficiency improvements can be made and where there is the potential for energy generation. We offer a range of specialist services including feasibility studies, financial modelling, funding advice (including the Green and Eco Deal), planning advice, project management and commissioning.

We have advised on projects across the UK including improving the energy efficiency of property and businesses, and incorporation of solar PV, wind, hydroelectric, biomass, anaerobic digestion, energy from waste, deep geothermal, air/ground/water source heat pumps into properties and portfolios.

Crucially, we can help navigate and make best use of the available subsidies including Feed-in Tariffs, Renewable Obligation Certificates and the Renewable Heat Incentive to support the financial returns of your projects. We have no links to any equipment manufacturers or developers, so assuring you receive independent advice.

Our breadth of expertise also means that we can advise on areas such as investment, valuations, funding of projects, taxation and landlord and tenant agreements. We are a leading advisor to landowners with land suitable for solar or wind farm development.



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