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Delivering environmental stewardship, schemes and benefits in an efficient and practical way.

All of our farming advisors have a working knowledge of the Entry and Higher Level Stewardship, Countryside Stewardship, Environmentally Sensitive Area and English Woodland Grant Schemes.

We can advise on the operation of these schemes, as well as on the application process and the options that should be chosen in order to secure an agreement.

We pride ourselves on making sure that farming agreements are put together in such a way as to ensure that environmental benefits are delivered, while at the same time minimising the impact on efficiency of operations. Equally, we recognise the additional benefits for sport and conservation.

Our fully integrated approach considers the environmental and financial benefits for environmental schemes and also the practical implications, constraints and opportunity costs. This ensures that sustainable and workable agreements are secured, providing mutual benefits for the environment and the landowner alike without disrupting the efficient farming of the holding.

For more information on environmental stewardship, schemes and guidance in related areas, contact one of our experts on environmental schemes, or get in touch using this form.


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