Technical management

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Assisting you with the technical decisions that are part and parcel of farming today, including livestock and crop management and other logistical practicalities

As well as managing the business side of both arable and livestock farms, we can also provide a broad range of advice on the many critical technical decisions modern farmers need to make.

This advice can be as part of a managed farm arrangement or on a consultancy basis, giving all kinds of farms the chance to benefit from the accumulated experience and buying power of our team.

Crop management

Our tailored crop management service is focused on increasing the profitability of your crops - we aim to keep you in the top 10% of your peers in terms of both gross margin and management profit. As well as saving money through our unique and independent buying service, you will also be able to draw on the experience of our team. We can advise on everything from cropping rotations, cultivations and fertiliser through to the right machinery to buy and the best way to market the end product.

Livestock management

Our farming experts can also help with all livestock-specific issues such as targets for the management of a dairy herd, cattle nutrition, the best mix of forages, breeding advice and bull selection. Many landowners also ask us to handle the complex financial and regulatory side of managing a modern livestock business.

For more information on technical management, contact one of our farming experts directly or get in touch using this form.


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