Anaerobic Digestion & Biogas

Our Energy Team have experience with both Anaerobic Digestion & Biogas plants from conception to completion: Oliver Harwood is the UK Chairman of the International Energy Agency Biogas Task, and has helped write some of the leading research review papers as well as influencing government policy on Anaerobic Digestion.


If you are appraising the opportunities of a new Anaerobic Digestion or Biogas plant, our energy team can assist with every stage of the process including:

  • Scoping studies
  • Financial Viability
  • Planning
  • Feedstock Assessments
  • Promotional Tenders to Developers & Operators
  • Negotiating and managing Landlord & Tenant matters
  • Negotiating Supply Contracts of Gas and Dig estate
  • Performance Audits

  • Management & Maintenance Contracts
  • Valuation
  • Landlord & Tenant Matters
  • Decommissioning of Infrastructure
  • Planning Conditions & Strategic Advice
  • Deed of Variations & Applications for Extensions
  • Agency & Acquisition