Solar Farms

Our Energy Team have extensive experience advising on solar farms.


Solar farms have grown significantly across the UK since 2010 and we have been involved with them since they first started in the UK.

Following a pause in solar farm development during 2017 and 2018 there is now a drive again to find sites (2019). This drive is ideally looking for sites of between 150 and 200 acres or larger.

If you are a landowner who has been approached about developing a new solar farm on your land, we are able to advise you on the terms that you may be being offered by a developer.

We can assist you if you are the Landlord of a solar farm and require advice regarding valuation of the freehold. We can help you sell your interest and have been involved in several discrete off-market transactions.

If you are the owner and operator of a solar farm we are able to advise you on the capital value of the assets that you own and assist you if you wish to borrow against it or sell the asset as an investment.