Utility Connections Service

Our Energy Team can assist you in applying for new connections for utilities for electricity, water and gas supplies.

We have worked with clients to upgrade their utility supplies to a wide range of properties. Whether it is a commercial office or industrial unit or an entire village needing modernisation of its services we can help you with the installation of water mains or fibre optics to enhance the properties’ value in today’s market.

For example as part of a district heating project we also facilitated the replacement of all water mains within the village and the installation of a fibre optic connection to each property. This fibre optic connection has brought high speed broadband to all of the houses in the village as well as a digital tv service facilitating the removal of all tv aerials and satellite dishes from the village as well.

This can ensure that your project or development has the necessary services it requires and our team can ensure that this all fits in smoothly with your project development timeline.