Strategic estate planning

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Long-term strategic planning is key to the business of running a modern estate.

To manage land and property assets effectively and efficiently, we develop strategic plans for our clients, to give direction, inform key decisions and guide the day to day management.

With years of experience in coming up with solutions to the challenge of ensuring the economic viability and profitability of estates, Strutt & Parker's land agents are able to put in place workable, realistic solutions in most rural scenarios.

National teams with local expertise

With offices across the UK our agents are able to provide informed local solutions to long-term planning for profit with buildings, houses and land. Expertise from colleagues in our commercial, leisure & hotels, planning and sporting departments is always available to our land managers in mapping out a realistic forward plan for an estate.

Steering any long-established business in a newly profitable direction can feel daunting. Strutt & Parker's land agents are sensitive to family, tradition and local feeling and will always come up with the best solution for our clients taking all these factors into account.

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