Rural development opportunities

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How many times have you looked at a redundant farm building and visualised it as a pretty holiday cottage? If you spot an opportunity, our expert team is here to help you in all aspects of rural development to maximise the property's potential.

Have you seen office or retail space or  even an old three bedroom family home with stunning views across (insert your local valley/loch/hills/dale)? If you live or work on an estate, probably many times. But transforming something with an earth floor, sagging roof and thirty generations of field mouse history within its crumbling walls is very hard work. And there's always plenty of that to do elsewhere, which is where we come in.

Our rural development agents can do as much or as little as you want to help you convert or re-use redundant agricultural buildings. They can advise on use, plan and oversee building work and arrange a let or sale when it is finished.

With you from planning through to development

Consulting on use before starting a project is vital. Using our local knowledge and experience of similar projects both locally, and in consultation with colleagues who have been involved in comparable developments in other parts of the country with similar population densities or economies, we can give you the best possible advice on what works and what doesn't.

With expert advice from our planning specialists, all developments are taken through the planning process in the most efficient way possible. Our knowledge of planning law enables us to give expert advice and advocacy together with expert witness testimony on all matters relating to planning law. Our large network of offices means that you will have someone consulting with the local council planners who knows them and their planning policies well.

We have our own architects and design professionals and we often undertake a project manager role. On completion of the build we can arrange lettings or market the property for sale. We also have an excellent track record on obtaining valuable consents for further work.

By offering expert advice from the outset we have a reputation for continued success in the promotion of land through the Development Plan process on behalf of land owners and developers.

For more information on rural development and how we can identify and develop opportunities, contact us using this form.