Insolvency, receivership and recovery

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We pride ourselves on our abilities in crisis management, providing expert assistance on financial issues, including property insolvency, receivership and recovery

Staff from all of our departments and offices throughout the UK work with banks, accountants and lawyers to deliver workable solutions to financial problems involving land and property. We can provide proper advice on valuations, tenure and all property matters in regards to insolvency, receivership and recovery.

Our teams are able to manage complex and distressing financial issues with a minimum of fuss and the maximum results in the circumstances.

We have experience and are able to act as Law of Property Act (LPA) Receivers. This means that we are appointed under the Law of Property Act 1925. LPA receivers can be appointed in respect of property belonging to companies, partnerships or individuals.

We are experienced in coming up with tailored solutions for minimising losses and maximising the value of assets prior to advising on liquidation sales of distressed businesses. Our experts, working in conjunction with your financial and legal advisors where appropriate, will attempt to mitigate liabilities. Ideally, where possible we hope to be able to assist with the restructuring of any future business which can be continued on a different scale. In these cases we aim to plan strategically for a more sustainable commercial future.

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